Saturday, November 17, 2012

Summer Post?!!!!

And you thought we'd given up on this little blog!  No way . . . though the kids did their best "Zombie Blog" poses above.  Prepare yourself for some long overdue summer pics . . .

In case you forgot the participants in this blog, we start with the first born, the rule maker, the corrector of every little thing her little brother does wrong (which is everything (in her eyes)), The Audrey.

Next we have the second born, the one who can actually entertain himself, the one who rolls with the punches (literally (the ones from his big sister)), The Sam.

Great summer vacay to Chelan this year.  Audrey is a full on swimmer and Sam is so darn close.  Mom and Dad have ALMOST graduated to the nirvana of sitting poolside with a drink and an US Weekly (for Lisa of course (the US Weekly that is)).

Looks perhaps a little concerned, not sure if his swim lessons will hold up?

HA!!!  Dad literally threw out his back throwing his son for a week straight.  "AGAIN DAD!!  FARTHER THIS TIME!!!".

Truly our little mermaid.  


Nothing like some shave ice in the 95 degree heat.

Or a styrofoam cup full of rainbow sherbet.  "Daddy, it's to match my floaty".

Let's not forget Otter Pops.  Sheesh, I didn't realize how much sugar we used to keep the tanks full.  Oh well, it was vacation!

We did a couple of hikes this year.  We are so spoiled in the NW.  Audrey has now made a tradition of "going to see the snow on my birthday week".  She just can't believe she can play in the snow in August.

Believe me, she got enough compliments on her leopard print tights to ensure that they are now her official hiking uniform.

Almost there.

Sam:  Dad, this hat doesn't work as ear-plugs, can you quiet that girl down?
Dad:  Been trying for 7 years Sam, 7 years.

Kid can pull off a cheesy pose.  I blame his mother.

Love these knuckleheads.

They really are troopers.  Mom skipped this hike, which caused them to question her ruggedness.

Next hike . . . Mom with a stick.  You kiddos better watch-out and keep moving!

Yeah, wonder where they get the ability for cheesy posing?

I literally don't think I have one serious picture of my Sekora 3.

End of summer means back to all things school related.  Here's Audrey's Girl Scout troop, coming to a Safeway entrance near you!

And here we are on Day 1 of the new school year.

First sign of fall weather and the kids demanded smores.  Clearly Sam is a risk to himself, the house, and the neighborhood!

Audrey quickly sprang into Girl Scout Survival Mode.  Really Audrey, what are those going to do?

Whoa!  Well played Audrey.

As all parents know, kids simply don't have the patience to stick around for the "right coals" for smores. Kids were long gone inside by the time coals were perfect.

I realize it's the week of Thanksgiving as I write this, but going through these pictures was a reminder of what a fun summer we had.  And apparently, I do have one serious (beautiful) picture of my Sekora 3!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since we've shared any photos of the kids.  Adventures have been large over the past few months.  Sam turned 4 and went on his "coming of age walk-about".  Sam pondered such issues as:  1)  Using utensils for meals instead of his fingers,  2) Garden hose etiquette . . is shooting the neighbors while they're walking by appropriate?,  and 3) "Booger Soup" . . . is it really a socially acceptable snack option?


Dressed in our Easter best is apparently the right time to find earthworms to investigate.  "Come on kids, don't get dirty . . . I'm serious!"
Well, I'm glad one of us is serious.
In a recurring theme, Sam can't seem to take a picture with a normal smile.  He continually has to add a little drama to life.  In fairness, standing in front of the Concord requires some sort of James Bond pose!
Turning 4 also brought along an awesome gift from Grammy that was almost as tall as Sam.  What's was inside?  Only the most awesome gift a boy could hope for . . . Spider Man skateboard baby!
Lisa loves that the tulip fields sit directly between us and our families.  It's extremely hard for me to say "Honey, why would fight all the traffic", when we, in fact, will be in said traffic anyway.  Plus, the kids just love the natural beauty of . . .
. . . mud puddles of course!  I don't think they even realized there were flowers.  "Dad, this mud is spongy!".  Yes kids, just don't get stuck or we'll leave you here until summer.  Oooohh, not a bad idea.
Nothing like a sunny day trip to San Juan Island.  At this age, the trip really is about the ferry ride.  Here Audrey was pretending to be sea sick.  It was kind of cute until she took it to "Broadway level" and started convulsing.  She had some of the other ferry-goers convinced and I looked like a jerk telling her to knock-it-off.
While Sam insists on obnoxious poses for all pictures, Audrey tries to pose it up with a little more glamour.
Love my little girl.
Rare smile from Sam.  I think he was actually upset that we caught him not hamming it up!
Somewhere the kids learned the phrase "The sea was angry that day my friends!!!".  Anyway, they pull it out anytime we're at the beach.  Here Sam is yelling back at the sea while he throws a rock in it.
I mean seriously, can we get a normal look from the kid!  I envision 12 years of school pictures that look a lot like this.  Where does he get it?!
Oh yeah, my beautiful wife.  Enough said.
And here we are practicing our picture faces.  This is proof that Lisa will never be able to complain about Sam not taking school pictures seriously!
We promise not to take so long between updates in the future.  See you soon!  p.s.  Notice Sam's pose?! 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Total Boy & Losing Teeth

Audrey talked Sam into rolling around in what she calls his bro-hawk. He will literally do anything to gain her favor!
Though, I must admit . . . he does look a little menacing at the park when he commands heavy machinery sporting his bro-hawk.
The tire swing was always my nemesis as a child. Just watching them swing around made me nauseous.
Here Audrey is with her first lost tooth! So exciting. Tears were certainly shed, but in the end . . .
. . . a little ice cream numbed the pain. I'm not sure how I survived without Costco as a kid. Our kids absolutely love it. I suppose the pint full of frozen yogurt helps. Though Sam tends to complain that it's too cold (notice his hand placement). Definitely not bro-hawk toughness there Sam.
To prove that he is still "boy-tough" he's never seen a mud-puddle that he isn't willing to play in. Please ignore the "sewer" sign to the right of the picture. I'm sure it was a misplaced stake in the ground.
Nor has he seen an object he isn't willing to throw. Thankfully he can take out his aggression on the rocks at a near by creek.
And yes, every mud puddle must be tested for depth. When we go to the store we literally have to scout out where the puddles are as he cannot physically walk by one without stepping in it. Sooooo boy.
During Snowmageddon 2012 the neighborhood kids (1) built a snow fort and (2) armed it with a bazillion snow balls for the "kids vs. parents" snow ball fight. They were certainly more prepared than we were!
In an effort to warm up after the battle, Audrey set up a little "fort movie". Thin hair + cold dry weather = static electricity. She's like a little science experiment. But kisses with a little shock are soo worth it.